Focal Profile 908 review

What you make of these Focals depends on your priorities. If style and a certain amount of understated elegance are key then they’re in with a big shout. Little else looks as unobtrusive, particularly when you listen with the grilles on. That’s right, these are that rarest of thing: speakers engineered to sound best fully clothed. The 908s are also fairly small speakers, helping to reinforce domestic acceptability.

While style is certainly central to the Profile range, so is performance. High-class engineering highlights include an inverted metal-dome tweeter, a glass/foam composite mid/bass and a curved cabinet.

In many ways the 908s succeed. Give Bonnie Prince Billie’s I See a Darkness a spin and you’ll be impressed by the refinement, midrange fluidity and articulation on offer. Superb integration between the drive units helps, as does the speakers’ speed in this area.

Lacks a little wellyOnce properly positioned – a little from a rear wall and with a slight degree of toe-in – these standmounts deliver a fine stereo image. It’s precise and deep, though a little lacking in scale compared with some. These Focals don’t have much bass welly, either – take size into account that’s no surprise – so fans of dance or hip-hop should look elsewhere. Timing could be a little more surefooted, too.

Let’s leave it at this: the Focals are good for the money, but if you can spend more, do so.