Audioquest Evergreen review

The AudioQuest Evergreen’s twin-plug/single-cable design will put smiles on the faces of those without much space behind their kit racks. Likewise, the slim plugs will prove easier to get into tightly spaced sockets for the sausage-fingered.

Up and running with a Cyrus CD6 SE CD player, Roksan Caspian M2 integrated amp and ATC SCM11 speakers, we were immediately surprised by the amount of information this interconnect conveys. In terms of detail, you wouldn’t think it costs just £29 – and there’s no doubting the clarity on offer either.

Vocals, for instance, are up-front and expressive, while cymbals and the like cut through with ease. But this is also the Evergreen’s shortcoming – all that clarity can veer into brittleness at times, and shows up an overall lack of warmth and punch. This, in turn, affects dynamics, which are a little lacklustre.

It all leads to an impression of leanness and lack of oompf which, while helpful in some circumstances, saps the Evergreen of energy here.

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