Arcam AVR-10, AVR-20 and AVR-30 – what do these AV receivers offer guide

They work to drive your loudspeakers, change between A/V components, and decode surround sound formats. Replacing the AVR390, AVR550 and AVR850 versions, the AVR10, AVR20 and AVR30 AV receivers offer a reliable sound performance that over everything else is true, articulate and beautifully musical. This is a 12 channel AV receiver with Dirac, Dolby Atmos and DTS as well as support for IMAX. Sitting beneath the AVR20 and replacing the AVR39, the AVR10 features all the latest technologies for your modern home cinema program and is the entry level receiver in the scope. This model is ideal for those looking to prepare a 7.1.4 system with Arcam’s trademark sound and build quality for a less expensive price point.
Similar to it’s younger brother, the AVR-20 which replaces the AVR550 features the same technology for a immersive audio visual experience. This version nonetheless features a 16-channel Dirac calibration when compared with the AVR10’s 12 channels. It is optimised with the very latest AV CODECs to get an audiophile quality 9.1.6 surround sound installation. You can stream from your favorite music streaming through Google Chromecast or even Apple Airplay2 from a Bluetooth enabled device. In addition, it features a class AB amplification such as the AVR10 but using more channels you can enjoy a more complex setup.

The flagship of the AVR versions, the AVR30 replaces the preceding AVR850 version and offers the ultimate home cinema experience. It reproduces sound in a natural and captivating way as a result of Arcam’s exceptional audio engineering. It has Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 9.1.6 decoding in addition to IMAX improved technologies. The stand out feature of the AVR-30 AV receiver is it’s dynamic class-G amplification that delivers 100 watt per its 16 channels that are all optimised with Dirac Room Correction. As the flagship model, it’s the most effective of the scope and is the best option for driving harder of speakers. These listening modes may be installed to get the best from your AV receiver for an three-dimensional audio experience. No matter what type of AV setup you are after, with the plethora of HDMI inputs, Wi-Fi, 4K HD pass , Bluetooth and streaming alternatives, Arcam’s AV processors offer the route for superb video quality and stereo audio, but you want it.
Featured across the scope is Dirac’s Room Correction technology that’s designed to correct your listening area by assessing your speakers and room acoustics with a mic to guarantee the optimum sound is achieved. This technology could be controlled through any Android or iOS apparatus so that using a couple clicks you can have powerful sound quality. This technology prevents loss in audio quality, enhances clarity, ensures bass is tighter advertisement stronger and that the overall sound is more open and natural.
For a full AV installation, the HDA range represents some of the best performing Arcam’s sound products. As a major audio company, Arcam have established a reputation for quality hi-fi and AV gear. HDA stands for High Definition Audio, which perfectly reflects the noise of those products, which are characterized with their immersive sound and precision. This range is intended to survive, the build quality is impeccable and the maximum quality parts are used for longevity. You may discover the rest of the HDA range over on our site including AV40 AV processor, PA410, PA240, PA720 power amplifiers, SA10, SA20 and SA30 integrated amplifiers and the CDS50 CD player.