Audio Pro’s impressive range of multi room wireless speakers for sale

Blending the retro looks with the latest features for your modern-day music enthusiast, Audio Guru’s impressive multi-room Loudspeaker give the best of listening. Stylishly Scandinavian, Audio Pro Multiroom Addon range offers high quality audio from room to room, fast and easy music streaming and streaming for everybody.
The star feature of this range is that their wireless multi-range capabilities. Because of it’s wireless connectivity options and simple to use program, you can find the greatest sound possible from the own Loudspeaker. When you’ve got a selection of the Addon speakers inside your house, you can install the Audio Guru app in your smartphone or tablet computer and play with your speakers together for big house-filling audio, or individually. Each speaker can be named by the area its in e.g Living Room C1, Kitchen C10 so that you may select which speaker you want to play at once or select several for an Audio Guru multiroom system. Even alone, these speakers are small but mighty as well as the bass performance and dynamics that they provide out of such a compact box will make certain to make you impressed.
Embodying the retro appeal of this boom-box, these Audio Guru Multiroom Addon Loudspeaker are the perfect combination of new and old. Charming and quirky, yet sleek and modern, their appearances are incredibly inviting. Better is that they come in 3 color options catering for your visual preferences — black, grey and white finished in a matte coating which delivers a pleasant sensory touch. The C5 comes within an extra baby pink end, giving the speaker a even wider appeal. As the range goes up, so does the magnitude of the speaker, which never fall from the portable category however. Since they twin in looks, to make matters easier if you are undecided on which model to choose, we will explain the differences between each model will be summarised below alongside an explanation of the other versions in this variety — the A10 and link.


The ideal companion for picnics, the C3 wireless speaker would be the smallest version in scope and is readily portable thanks it has small dimensions and comfy to maintain leather handle. This model is ideal or carrying out and about since it’s a maximum battery life of 30 hours which supplies that good feeling of knowing you’re not likely to run out of cost. It’s easy to use, convenient and may be used with pretty much any portable device you want to connect it to over Bluetooth. It’s surprisingly powerful for it’s size and with Audio Guru multiroom functionality, it is a wonderful starting point.
Audio Pro C5 is the C3’s larger brother but is still dainty. It enjoys the additional color option of a soft baby pink, which can add subtle pop of colour in your living space. For connectivity, the C5 improves over the previous version, with a sub output alongside the USB port for charging that can be seen from the C3. It features the same face-shaped driver configuration as the smaller model but features a new long throw woofer together with the 40w dual tweeters. Wireless music streaming is simplified with the easy to navigate Audio Pro program. Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music are made accessible with a few clicks through Bluetooth 4.0, Apple Airplay or even WiFi so that a world of music is opened up to you.
Audio Pro cater to the trend of audio ingestion via voice assistance tech using the Amazon Alexa compatible C5-A. Kitted-out with the same specs as the C5, this speaker lets you take full control with just your voice. Throw commands at your Amazon Echo to play with your favorite songs, saved playlists, albums and much more and the C5-A do just as it is told. With the same wireless connectivity options and impressive Audio Guru multiroom skills, the C5-A does not need to be appreciated independently.
The most important and best sounding speaker at the scope is the C-10 speaker. Boasting a built-in subwoofer and class D amplifier, the C-10 is capable of delivering some significant power that fills the room with an energetic performance. We’re impressed with the unbelievable detail this speaker accelerates , and crystal clear delivery throughout the frequency range. It could be moved around and enjoyed room-to-room or connected up with multiple other Addon Loudspeaker to get multi-room listening.