Vaux Wireless Speaker Works with Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot has gone a long way to enabling Alexa-based voice control throughout the house. The Dots are fairly affordable so you can buy a few so that your voice commands can be heard from several rooms. However, each Dot needs to be plugged onto an AC outlet. This isn’t necessarily a huge hindrance, but Ninety7, a technology lifestyle company, says it has a better, more convenient, cord-free way to interact with Alexa-enabled devices.

The company has developed VAUX, the first battery-powered speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot (second generation). VAUX allows users to “set their Dot free,” and enjoy portability and increased audio quality in a modern, stylish design.

“Amazon’s Echo Dot is a phenomenal device. By improving its audio quality and facilitating portability, VAUX elevates the Dot from gadget to indispensable home companion,” says Dave McLaughlin, brand director at Ninety7. “VAUX improves communication with Alexa and, with enhanced portability, puts her within speaking distance, anywhere in the home. VAUX unleashes the potential of the Dot.”

Here are a few of its notable features:

A powerful speaker that enriches the audio quality of the Amazon Echo Dot. Whether listening to music or an audio book, or asking Alexa questions, VAUX enhances the sound quality and performance of the Dot, for a richer user experience. Additionally, users can connect their mobile devices or tablets via a 3.5mm jack and instantly use VAUX to upgrade their Dot to a portable sound system.

Portability. Users can now unleash the functionality of the Dot beyond the reach of the power cable – because, after all, we move around our homes. With a rechargeable battery, VAUX creates a companion home-command center as portable as your cell phone: order pizza from Dominos in the kitchen; grab the VAUX and listen to an audio book in the bath before heading to bed, set the alarm and request your favorite music to help you sleep. It promises 6 hours of cordless use from  5000mAh lithium battery power.

 Style. As an integral part of the user’s home, VAUX was created with both aesthetics and utility in mind. Ninety7 believes that there should be no distinction between electronics and décor –VAUX complements its environment, visually, and functionally.

Available for $49 pre-order at, VAUX will ship early April 2017.