DIY Audio: CasaTunes Offers Whole-House Music System You Can Set Up Yourself

DIY audio

Manufacturers of whole-house music systems are increasingly catering to the DIY audio crowd. Products like the new musicBox 6 system from CasaTunes joins the DIY contingency with an sub-$2,000 system that’s able to stream high-fidelity 24 bit/192Khz music to six independent listening zones.

The musicBox 6 system, which CasaTunes introduced in December 2016, now comes with a Configurator Tool that lets you design and customize your own system. As a cloud-based service, the Configurator Tool allows users to create, save, and review the project at any time. As you craft the design of your musicBox 6 system, the Configuration Tool automatically displays the appropriate musicBox 6 server along with any other components. The detailed report includes a quote and a link to order the system based on your specifications.

Once your customized musicBox system arrives, you follow the included step-by-step instructions on how to wire up the system. After the wiring of the system is complete, the Configurator Tool prompts you to power up the equipment and press a button to upload the project configuration to the system. Then, it’s a simple matter of downloading the latest native CasaTunes Apps for Android and iOS to control the musicBox 6.

The Configuration Tool also makes it easy for DIY users to customize how the speakers in each room are powered. They can be configured in the normal stereo mode, or under Advanced Options, they can be configured in Bridged mode, which provides up to four times the power to the speaker.

Each musicBox 6 system comes with a four-stream CasaTunes music server, a six-room amplifier, six keypads, and an IR remote. The system automatically discovers the music in your home, like tunes stored on other media servers, Internet music services, and any app on one or more iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.