Our January photography contest winners arrived:Fishing at dawn with a Nikon D610


Our Photo of the Day contest has reached it’s first milestone of 2017, as we honor our first set of prize-winning photographers! And it’s a great start to the year indeed, as we have some delightful images on display for you this month. Thanks for taking a closer look at these photographers’ prize-winning images, and please feel free to leave comments for them down below!

Winning our First Prize for January is no stranger to the awards podium in our contest. Sirsendu Gayen with his trusty Nikon D610 has brought us yet another delightful image titled “The Intha Fishermen of Inle Lake,” and this photograph very much captivated our judging panel. The image is both whimsical and at the same time full of the moment, and we’re proud to display it for you here.

Congratulations to Sirsendu on yet another worthy prize winning photograph!

First Prize • $300 gift certificate from Adorama

Second Prize • $200 gift certificate from Adorama

Third Prize • $100 gift certificate from Adorama

Additional Honors

For you gear-heads curious about the cameras used by our prize-winners, this month was a return to the status quo, which for most of the life of this contest has been a back and forth interplay between Canon and Nikon DSLRs. The winners and runners-up this month included a Nikon D610, a pair of Canon 7Ds, a Nikon D500 and even a Canon T3i. For more about what our prize-winning photographers shoot with and why, please see this article.

And for those of you wanting to know more about our competition please visit this news story, which describes our contest and also offers some useful tips to help you succeed, and this story that warns you of the best ways to NOT succeed. To see the camera and exposure information for this month’s winners, please click any image above, and to see winners from previous months, please visit our POTD winner’s gallery.

On a related note, we’ve just started a new series of articles called “Reader Stories,” where we turn the tables and let you, our readers, do the talking! We’re interested in seeing more of the shots you’re the happiest with, and in hearing just how you got them, or just hearing about your passions, interests and the gear you love! Intrigued?