Mark Levinson ships activity-based No. 502 Media Console

You know you’re an enthusiast when an AV receiver isn’t good enough for you and you go the separates route. But leave it to Mark Levinson to give cash-saturated folks another level again. The No. 502 is kicking off a new product series for the company, and indeed the world — at least that’s what Mark Levinson would have you believe — it’s not a mere “A/V processor,” but a “Media Console.” We’re sure the performance is top-notch with the Faraday cage chassis, six HDMI (cough, 1.1, cough) inputs, phase-matched bass management and Gennum VXP broadcast-quality video processing; and certainly the design is a far cry from what we envision when we hear “media console.” But at the asking price of about $30,000, we’d like to see gear that does more than bundle an AV processor with Harmony-like activity functionality. Still, it is a gorgeous bit of machinery that screams “high end” without screaming — check out the pics after the break.

[Via CEPro]

Gallery: Mark Levinson No. 502 Media Console | 3 Photos


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