Mark Levinson ships the No. 532 Dual Monaural Amplifier

If lending the company name to LG HTIB systems made anyone think that Mark Levinson was moving towards the mainstream market, the release of the No. 532 Dual Monaural Amplifier should lay those thoughts to rest. Not to be confused with a stereo amplifier for mere mortals, the No. 532 is really two 400-Watt mono amps that share power and control circuitry, bundled together in one tidy chassis. Obviously something only for the jet-set, the No. 532 is available now, but without pricing info — that’s got to be PR-speak for “If you have to ask…” Seriously, though, with the ML brand showing up on car audio and HTIB systems, doesn’t this pretense ring a bit hollow?

EDIT: The man Mark Levinson (behind the LG HTIB systems) has nothing to do with the brand Mark Levinson any more. — Thanks, Spencer!