LG’s 2009 Blu-ray revamp and new Blu-ray HTIBs

Today at CES, LG shared the details of its two new Network Blu-ray players that will be the first to support the new NetCast with content partners like CinemaNow and YouTube — no love for the older players. The BD370 and BD390 are essentially the same with both featuring BD Live etc, with the main difference between the two being the BD390 includes 1GB of internal storage for BD Live, and 7.1 discrete analog output. No word on the price of either, but the BD370 is due in Q2 while the 390 is due in Q3. There are also three new home theater systems that feature Blu-ray players, which of course are also BD Live and feature NetCast, but more interestingly also sport TrueHD and DTS-HD MA. Unlike the LHB954, the LHB977 and LHB979 both feature Tallboy speakers and two HDMI inputs which will really come in handy for anyone with a game console or a STB — so yeah like everyone. The LHB979 (picture after the break) distinguishes itself from the rest with speakers that were designed by Mark Levinson and has more power.

LG Blu-ray HTIB